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[26 Aug 2005|10:20pm]
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Giving away PAID LIVE JOURNAL ACCOUNTS as prizes.
Needs co-mods and sister communities.
Daily discussions, themes, and contests.
Weekly Contests
Treasure Hunts
Member of the Month
Currently 130 members in three weeks! Hurry up too, we might go private!

It's a community that rates on personality, looks, and it doesn't have a theme.
Here you can talk about everything and anything. Fashion, movies, music, life.
Every topic is covered here at dangerouslyhot. And we want you to join!
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[26 Aug 2005|12:48pm]
If you REALLY LOVE SOMEONE right now AND MISS THEM and can't get them out of your head then re-post this within 1 mintute and whoever you are missing will surprise you tomorrow.

and my computer is sucking really bad so i don't know how often i will be able to update..i am trying!!
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[18 Jul 2005|06:58pm]
the following are cut:



[Bad username: secret vanity]
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[13 Jul 2005|09:34pm]

you must comment at least once a week, but i love friends so i will be happy to add you...xxoo
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[08 Apr 2005|05:11pm]
so fucking in love.
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A quote for the whores. [29 Mar 2005|04:39pm]
just when you think that nothing is
going to make your day better, you
turn the corner and see him waiting
for you with a big smile on his face.

changes were made, but found in crazyjac's journal.
I really liked this quote love <3
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